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About Cuxhaven, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Cuxhaven, Lower Saxony, Germany)

Cuxhaven is by no means a major tourist town and visitors should not go expecting to find a highly developed tourist infrastructure or a large number of purpose-built attractions.

The town does, however, offer the atmosphere of a small seaside resort and passengers looking to stay a night or two prior to or following a ferry journey will find beaches, seafood restaurants and a number of interesting landmarks.

What to do in Cuxhaven

In the summertime, the beach at Cuxhaven is a nice place to relax with a good book, and indulge in a spot of water sport. In the evening, the town's restaurants dish up some of the locally caught fish and marine life - if seafood is your thing then this is the place to be. A day at least can be spent visiting the area's landmarks or a trip out of the town to Bremerhaven is certainly worthwhile.

Tourist Attractions

At the entrance to the Cuxhaven harbour, visitors will find the Alte Liebe aka the 'Old Love', a former quay which has been converted into a viewing platform and is an ideal place to do a spot of ship watching. Meanwhile the area's landmarks include the Schloß Ritzebüttel, a small construction resembling a castle located close to the Nordersteinstraße shopping area and the Elbe 1, an old disused lighthouse. Those with an interest in maritime / shipping history should check out the Wrackmuseum, a facility dedicated to documenting the stories of various significant shipwrecks. If sightseeing isn't your thing, then head into the town centre where a variety of shops provide the chance for a spot of retail therapy.

Cuxhaven Port

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